Welcome everyone to the project's wiki space page! This is going to be a very useful space for all students as it is an informal platform where we can share ideas, ask questions, post results, etc. So make yourself familiar with the website and contribute as much as you can to ensure good collaboration and communication within the group. lol

Your Supervisory Board Representatives

  • Guus Bertens (guus.bertens@ds.mpg.de)
  • Tessa Chiara Basso (tessa.basso@polito.it)

Your Science & Training Committee Representatives

  • Johannes Guettler (johannes.guettler@ds.mpg.de)
  • Sara Shamekh (shamekh@lmd.ens.fr)
  • Emmanuel Akinlabi (emmanuel.akinlabi@fuw.edu.pl)
  • Tai Wada (t.wada@imperial.ac.uk)

Feel free to contact any of us for any questions or issues and we will try our best to provide an answer or direct you to someone who could help.

Kick-Off meeting

Videos of the Kick-Off meeting: June 19 to 22, 2017 (Lectures on Cloud Microphysics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship)